About us

Inter-Promo is a passionate company that pays much attention to the lives of every family.

We can now be considered as the largest company in the field of interior and home decoration in Vietnam

Inter-Promo designs and develops its own line of products inspired by all aspects of Vietnamese culture.


Our vision is perfect as every family in Vietnam has at least one Inter-Promo furniture.




Inter-Promo's mission is to provide affordable interior design and performance products. We also provide interior design consultancy and shipment services to every Vietnamese family through a variety of transportation services.

Reason for choosing International Promotion

 1.Design by the idea, the desire of the customer
The products are designed by the Inter-Promo team based on the idea, suitable for the area, color tone room, personality ... The room will become luxurious, personality, unique, bright created that still fit the pocketbook. Inter-Promo will give you a free consultation when you are in the market for new home / apartment and will "realize" the design as you desire. We focus on making your workplace space safe, beautiful, creative, different.

2. Always put quality on top
With the desire to ensure quality, safety, beautiful, durable, reasonable price. More than 1000 products of furniture such as personal cabinet, study table, TV shelf, wardrobe, tea table, book shelf, wall hanging shelf, dressing table ... with the highest quality commitment.
3. Trust is the most important
Inter-Promo owns a workshop A team of designers and skilled workers, not through intermediaries. You can visit the workshop, choose wood type, commitment to "real" wood products, not mixed. magazine. With the credibility of many years, supplying wood and furniture to many showrooms in the city, we are committed to selling "real", "real".

4.Security and aftermarket
Inter-Promo service package from design to processing, product warranty. We free installation, transportation in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance. The process of designing, closing the product is done under strict supervision, receive feedback from customers and adjust if necessary.

With a team of engineers working enthusiastically, enthusiastic, creative, rich in expertise, we commit, products will satisfy you.

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