Warranty return

Warranty return

Warranty return

Warranty return

Warranty return
Warranty return

Warranty return

Policies and general provisions

1. Warranty.

The duration of warranty for the interior product of the Inter-Promo is 12 months, with the lamp product and the clock is 3 months. For more information on warranty, please contact any store of Inter-Promo or Customer care hotline. The phone number is listed on the receipt or on the website http://thangtienquocte.com.vn

Warranty Conditions:

Inter-Promo only provides warranty service if you still have the original invoice and the warranty period calculated from the date you received the product.

Inter-Promo determines the warranty by repairing, replacing, or paying the product.  

Warranty procedure:

Inter-Promo checks the product to determine which case applies warranty service. Inter-Promo Repair product is corrupted, replaced with a similar product/equivalent or refunds for you. If the product is no longer on sale, Inter-Promo will propose an alternative product accordingly. When the product is warranty, Inter-Promo is responsible for the cost of repairing, replacing parts and transporting goods returned to the customer. Any parts that are replaced or removed during the repair will belong to the property of Inter-Promo.

Warranty Range:

The Inter-Promo warranty is only applied to damaged products due to the manufacturer's fault or material error. Warranty does not apply to any damages caused after the purchase, or other damage caused by the use of unwise, improper preservation of the guidance, excessive payload, product hygiene with the material or method improperly (e.g. : Veneer board is wiped by a damp towel. Warranty also does not apply to normal wear wear (for example, faded, rust, liquid screws or hinges after a period of time...), cuts, scrapes, damage caused by collisions or crashes. In addition, warranty does not apply to products belonging to discounted areas, on 10% discount furniture or products used in a high humidity environment.

2. Delivery services to the home.

UMA provides a home delivery service within 10 days of the date of payment. When we schedule a delivery, please send people at home to get goods at the time of delivery has unified.

You note, for home delivery services, Inter-Promo only installs products in the ready-to-use conditions, not including mounting/mounting products on walls, drilling walls... except for kitchen cabinet projects and business orders.

Our delivery staff is not allowed to perform any work other than the assembly of the product. If you do not use the official service via Inter-Promo, you will not be responsible for those products and services.

In case you want to change the date and time of delivery and any changes to the goods, you must call the hotline of the minimum delivery service in advance of 24 hours of available delivery to destinations in Ho Chi And before 48 hours for other provinces. Telephone numbers can be found on the voucher.

Inter-Promo always tries to delivery the right time for an appointment, however we are entitled to arrange convenient delivery time for the Inter-Promo delivery service.

In case you do not pay the amount of money remaining when Inter-Promo delivery, we reserves the right to retain the goods corresponding to the unpaid amount. 

You will pay all types of fees arising in accordance with the management of the Board of the living in relation to the delivery by truck, using elevators...

3. Mount Drilling Service

Inter-Promo provides drilling services, you can view details on the site http://thangtienquocte.com.vn

4. Amendment, refund and cancellation of orders

Inter-Promo accepts product returns at the time of delivery. If you would like to change your payment, please pay for delivery of the products returned to Inter-Promo. 

You are repaid the full amount of money from the store that customers have made the order and provide additional original receipts/purchase red bills and delivery vouchers.

You must pay the entire delivery fee for cancellation of a late order. Cancellation of the order must be notified to the Inter-Promo minimum of 24 hours of scheduled delivery for destinations in Ho Chi Minh City 48 hours for other provinces.

If you are unhappy about purchased goods, you can return the goods in the store you purchased within 3 days with the purchase receipt and delivery voucher.

The return condition applies as follows:

Inter-Promo only applies changes and stores furniture.
Goods must be in a state that has not been used or is not damaged.
The return goods must be covered with the purchase of the receipt (or the red Invoice) and the delivery voucher.
You must bring goods to the purchase store. If you require the use of the Inter-Promo shipping service.
Inter-Promo will not apply the change and return to products in the discount program and promotions or from discount stores.
With products purchased by coupon code (voucher), Inter-Promo only applies change policy to another product, no refund.

5. Keep row

Inter-Promo keeps the goods free of charge for you within 30 days of pre-payment to 100% of the value of the goods. After this 30-day, Inter-Promo charging a 5% storage fee for each week of storage. If after two months you still don't take a row, the item is returned to the store and the Inter-Promo only refunded 70% of the commodity value.

Where you cancel your order and Inter-Promo is not delivered, 5% retention fee per week from the 3rd row will be applied.

Where you cancel the order that Inter-Promo has delivered, a 5% retention fee per week from the 3rd row of the weekly retention fee will apply.

6. Special orders.

For special orders (commodities that are not currently in the order of Inter-Promo), you must pre-pay 100% of the order value.

Inter-Promo reserves the right to decide to accept or reject a special order.

7. Payment

You must deposit in advance 50% of the commodity value when booking for the Inter-Promo delivery service The rest you have to pay by the card or the cash immediately upon receipt of the order and purchase receipts.

8. Red Bill

Red invoice claims must be sent to Inter-Promo within 7 days from the date of purchase.

In order to receive a red invoice, you must complete the form of a red bill to write a request. Red bills are made within a week.

9. Fees for Exchange, payment and cancellation of orders

Inter-Promo uses a third-party delivery service for your order. If you wish to use the Inter-Promo delivery service for the Exchange/payment or cancellation of an order. 


Inter-Promo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

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