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You can fully be assured of your information on by our top priority in sales and service at the website. Please read the "Privacy policy" below to understand more than the commitments we make, in order to respect and protect the interests of the visitors:

-Collect personal information: to access and use some of the services at, you may be asked to register with US personal information (Email, name, contact number...). All declaration information must ensure accuracy and legitimacy, Inter-Promo does not assume any liability regarding the law of the Declaration of information, we may also collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages you see , Number of links (links) you click and other information related to the connection to the site. We also collect the information that the Web browser (browser) You use every time you visit, including: IP address, browser type, language usage, time and the addresses that the browser accesses.

-the company is committed to protecting customer's privacy information through the website's security system, not using it for commercial purposes or any other purpose. We use security measures to protect information against loss, confusion or alteration of data in the system.

-Our company is committed to using information in order to create a safe, convenient, professional and innovative shopping environment for the quality of customer service. In addition, the information also only we use in resolving issues related to disputes arising in the purchase, payment through the website, and preventing violations of Vietnamese law.

-Inter-Promo is committed to not sharing, selling or renting personal information to anyone, any kind. Your information is sent to us only by the company employee of the management and use for the purpose of contacting or sending an email to provide information to you.

We will send personal information about you to other companies or individuals in the event of:

+/We are agreeing to disclose such information.

+/We need to disclose your information in order to provide the products or services related to the contact with you.

+/We abide by the Ordinance, court order or legal procedure.

+/We find that your actions on our websites are in violation of our manual regulations for certain products or services.

-Policy changes: The contents of the "Privacy Policy" can be changed to suit the needs of the company as well as demand and feedback from customers if any. When you update this policy, we will edit the time "last updated" above. The "Privacy Policy" content applies only at, excluding or relating to third parties to place ads or with links at Therefore, we recommend that you read and consult the "Privacy Policy" of each website you're visiting.

-Contact information: We always welcome comments, contact and feedback from you about this "privacy policy." If you have any enquiries related, please contact:


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