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Ordering guide
Ordering guide

Ordering guide

In recent years, the use of the only PU, the interior of exterior of Pu, which has steadily become popular and widely used. In order to get the trust of our customers, only, interior exterior material from PU has to show the advantages and features superior to other types of materials. To get a deeper understanding of this kind of Vietnamese material, PU Vien hung will send you a basic guide to the construction, finishing only Pu, the interior of exterior Puerto. This guide is only a reference, and customers are kindly contacted by the company, please contact PU Kaohsiung to introduce the most professional and perfect construction units.

Step 1: Read the design drawings and geotesting.

-Read design drawings, technical drawings: with each different design unit, the design drawing will carry different design features even though based on the interests or the needs of the home. For the only products, beautiful and striking materials used to meet the ratio and axis of symmetry, it is necessary to ensure suitable and logical blocks.

-geo-screening: When reading the drawing done, you should check for a location before construction. Check between the fact and the drawing has the wrong command, if any need to check and adjust again.

-Check the flatness of the ceiling, wall, turn on the laser to see the adjoining positions that are bent, deflected to a reasonable balance. If the handles do not guarantee the flat, smooth, and need to be processed before construction.

-testing between the GEO and drawing of the distance, the ratio between only the cells, the decorations and the overall coordination of the view is reasonably not, is there any reasonable point?

Step 2: Choose only a type of PU, interior exterior suitable.

-There are many reasons to choose only, interior exterior material as possible when designed, the only fitting design unit, interior exterior with pattern, inappropriate size and reality , at the same time, the design may not be available. We therefore need to contact our company to check if the code is currently available.

-Principles when choosing the only PU, internal exterior materials:

+ Various types of pattern, complex often fit in the classic style, and when the construction is done, often the golden road, imitation of...

+ The various types of small pattern or pattern in accordance with the Neoclassical style.

+ Types of smooth can be used in a modern style or coordinate both styles above.

+ The appearance of the only or the magnitude of the pattern, the decorations will have to match the room size, wall size. Rooms are large in line with large, small sized rooms suitable for only all kinds of, small, pattern, microdecorations.

+ with the positions with arcs, angle L will use the arc, respectively, these types can be produced under prefabricated molds or the construction will cut and transplant from straight bars, so check the tolerance when pairing the codes Various climming.

+ When the use is only with the flower corner, the corner flowers need to pay attention to the size, type of pattern, which will only accompany the corner or the corner of the same manufacturer.

+ when construction of round bows can choose to be flexible or bending from only straight bars.

Step 3: Prepare for construction.

-Common surface works only PU will be painted 1 layer before construction.

-Full set of materials, construction equipment: ruler, nail-fired guns, cutter can rotate corners, timber cutting blades, glue 2 components, paint...

+ Cut only: Use rotary-desk cutter, use wooden cutting blades to cut. Cut corners 45 degrees to increase the contact area for connecting the head to help for a sturdy connection. Before cutting the need to measure, mark the stain to be sparingly. Use the dagger to make the finishing of non-flat cuts.

+ Shoot with a nail-shooter: Choose the same type of drawing that fits the hardness and the trunk height. Shoot the nail in a distance of 15cm along the trunk only. In the event of not using a nail-fired gun, it can be used to screw or nail.

+ Two methods of firing only:

+ To set the frame on the background, then put the ink on the wall and shoot.

+ + shoot each bar but need to adjust carefully to the precise square angles.

+ the dorsal or posterior margin is often used in PU's dedicated glue, which is used as a 2-component glue. Only the PU to be shot nail and glue will make the only pu sure and have lasting durability.

-based on the design, polishing, firing the entire position needed only to check the fact between design and construction. If you find it reasonable to adjust immediately.

Step 4: Proceed to construction.

-Cut the only bar or ornaments that match the assembly position.

-Glue in the back, then pressure on the position to assemble, then take the shot of the nail.

-Flat hole, the armour.

-Use smooth armour, flat surfaces and hyphen, while cleaning surfaces to prepare finishing paints. Because it is white, the joints are easy to expose if the warrant is not made careful.

-After the firing of the nail is done, there is no color silicone glue on the gap between the wall and the product.

Step 5: Paint – perfection.

-Coating 1, 2 layers on the product, wait dry then paint the grade 10% finishing.

-With golden works, silver or imitation paint can do this step after finishing paint.


Our company recommends that customers use all kinds of glue, paint when the construction is only PU, the exterior interior material PU is as follows:

-Backside glue: Using Titebond glue.

-Contour glue: Using milk glue (A100).

-Glue processing connectors: Glue SaveTo.

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