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To date the design of the mirror has always brought the personality simple but luxurious and easy to use for every consumer tastes. The blue color is a gentle, soothing sensation that is coupled with the grey and cardboard tones that make up the design and harmony of the beauty. The advantage of this cloth is: high durability, dry quick laundry, moisture, heat reduction, bring comfort to the user.

The Ministry of products includes: 1 station hesitate, 1 blanket-shell, 2-seat pillow
Dimensions: 1m2 * 2m, 1M6 * 2m, 1M8 * 2m

Also Inter-Promo also responds if the customer needs to purchase additional products of the same color code (Chun Station, the pillow cover, square pillow casing) or buy integral as well as resize to suit the needs of use.

Usage and preservation:
To set the product to be durable over time, please note:

When washing: should be hand-wash, no scrubbing or strong. Use a mild laundry/soap powder. Absolutely do not use the bleach as it will spoil your pillow immediately. Or you can dry your pillows to keep your pillow
When exposed: take note of the airy place and do not expose where the sunlight directly shone. Direct sunlight will cause silk fibers to be brittle, dry and hard. In addition, if you regularly expose your silk pillow to a high temperature, you'll notice very fast fading, shiny cloth and natural luster and become old and fast. , rack.
Ironing: Should be done when your pillow terminal is moist. If the table cannot be used is slightly and is in the left side of the product.
From soothing bedroom interior style, elegant to the globe, Noble, Inter-Promo is always confident to bring the comfort of your sleep, the new lift for each breath and the feeling of great relaxation for each of you in the process of perceived products.

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