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With monochromatic pattern is the color of Hoang Hoang is the main and embellished but embroidered flowers on top of high-grade imported cotton fabric, creating a peaceful space like bringing the sunset in the forest to the flowers. with your bedroom. Feeling great when used on the bed sheets.

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Pure cotton mattresses are produced on the world's most modern lines, which have not yet one domestic and foreign company have technology to keep up. Featuring an outstanding use of pure cotton, the process of applying the buffer does not use chemicals, not using sticky glue to link the other firms in the market. With the two-sided hardening technology, the middle of the wavy technique should buffer with extremely high elasticity, particularly the buffer has a lighter weight than the usual cotton buffer but is not blocked during the process of use , transportation and hygiene of course will be easier. Cotton cushion can be found to be 4 seasons in five removable colon and wash hygiene without even affecting the quality.

Pure cotton cushions with antiseptic antibacterial features, high-density cushions should be very good for the special Body spine, which helps in the circulation of the district, creating relaxed sensations after awakening. People with a joint disease of the Red River are advised to use cotton cushion that will relieve the pain of the joints, those who do not suffer from the Red River also recommend this line for the prevention of the risk. Again the 2nd generation of pure cotton mattresses of Red River is the essence of the Vietnamese people.

Cotton cushion is designed to be 2 sheets so there is more flat than the three-plate buffer line, specially the buffer can be used all four seasons of the year, washing the cotton core under the shower. Again pure cotton buffering Vietnam Brand

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