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International Progressive Cotton Pads are made from high quality cotton, which is absolutely sterilized and should be safe for all skin types.
The cushion cover is made of high-grade fabric, the pattern is sophisticated, attractive and handy with zippers to disassemble the cover easily when cleaning or washing the cushion. .

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Engineers in countries with modern industry are constantly focused on researching equipment with outstanding features to create superior products for human and environmental protection. It is the principle and principle of ethics in all their research, production and business activities. The products of cotton and blanket of International Trading Service Co., Ltd come from these lines, completely different from the existing lines in Vietnam have met all the Desire is the principle.

Product Categories Cotton cushions absolutely do not use any chemicals during the manufacturing process and only use high quality cotton, absolutely sterilized and do not use cotton. born.

At present, cotton chemical products are mainly used for domestic consumption and export. Due to the outstanding features of the products are high elasticity as the spring pads; The space between the mattresses is specially structured, really like a medical device to protect the backbone where most of the human nerves are concentrated. The surface of the product is long and flat standard, stamped floating logo both sides to prevent counterfeit and registered trademark protection.

Due to the superiority of the equipment and is operated by a team of mechanical engineers, electrical and electrical engineers and a team of experienced technicians, the cotton padding and cotton products of the second generation of Public Ty We, though very high value, but the price is still not far away from the lives of the majority of the people of Vietnam. The product is warranted for 05 years and is only sold at the official dealer of the company nationwide.

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