Mr.Province Villa

Mr.Province Villa

Mr.Province Villa

Mr.Province Villa

Mr.Province Villa
Mr.Province Villa

Mr.Province Villa

MR.Province Villa, District 7, HCMC
Clearly aware of your mission is to try to bring the best products, the most complete interior space for customers, so that only the advanced plastic company has always served the customer as the main service of their relatives.

The following is a typical work for neo-classical style that has been designed by the international company to design and execute for a 2-week period, the beauty of PU has been coordinated by architects and put in life a true way And the home, bringing the luxury and the family level.

Customer: Mr.Province
Works: Villa

Architecture: Tan Classic

Before the construction:
Actual survey
Consultancy Project Architecture
Edit the Project
Designing and conducting Quotes
During the construction process:
Hygiene Area Construction
Use laser positioning, making the main axis on the construction surface under the design
Execute only frames, details under design

Cut Bolt, defects

Paint, Pu, draw emulsifying and repair defects
The test console

For further information please contact the International Promotion Trade Service Co., Ltd

Address: 8/6a Nguyen Binh, Phu Xuan commune, Nha be district, HCMC HCM City, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0986989039



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