Apartment interior at the Mini Q. 2 CONDO project is designed in a contemporary style that ensures comfort and comfort. While the area is not comfortable but thanks to the architect InTer-Promo distributed in a reasonable way the area, the room in the apartment to the host can use the space in a clever and most scientific way. With the innovative design of large windows for breakfast, this mini-apartment is always open, helping the home and family enjoy the most natural and healthy atmosphere.


This modern mini-apartment interior design project can be used mostly for medium or mini-range apartments. The design includes a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and 2 bedrooms. The feeling is very fit, complete and complete in the apartment with an area of 68m2 of young couples who are actually admiring. Join a few pictures of this inventive apartment and see if Lalam has turned it through the process in this article 


Living room interior design for MINI apartment Q. 2
While the apartment's guest room has only one corner, but it still carries a luxurious beauty when using the same smart-style interior, "Scandinavian" gives the family the absolute satisfaction in designing and arranging space Interior of this guest room.

-The walled wall of the living room is separated by a light grey MDF to highlight other indoor furniture. This helps to increase the freshness for the apartment. At the same time the home was skillfully added to the pots and trees on the table.

-The latex pillow is gentle. Add to it is slightly soothing and relaxing with a soft fur-coated couch. It is also a characteristic of the "Scandinavian" style that is associated with a modern type, so the apartment's living room area is actually a difference.

-Ceiling lights are also one of the points to be noted. Although the apartment was bright enough due to light from the window sneezing but Lalam still arranged the LED system so that when it was dark they could promote the wobbly function as well as a unique appearance You will attract more insights.

Kitchen interior design and dining area
Kitchen and family dining zones are integrated one of the kitchen interior design in high-class Mini condo Q. 2. Using Acrylic coated white mirrors with a mix of Italian home walls make up a uniform color. The design of the dining corner as the dynamic bar, Smart helps raise the level of the apartment with small area that has this martial. Add storage shelves with sound design inside the kitchen side just save the area very neat and clean.

Apartment-Bedroom interior design

The apartment bedroom interior design is always the strongest of the Inter-Promo in apartments from mini to advanced. With perennial experience in the interior design field of apartment. The Inter-Promo interior always brings a relaxed and best-level resting space to customers.

Typically in this Mini-apartment Q. 2, the modern style is highly recommended to represent the true personality and the youthful of the home. With comfortable interiors, smart with light tones and gentle, delicate but not fad. Inter-Promo is known to avoid using too showy colors affecting space, sleep as well as a relaxing experience here.

The simple but very subtle picture is hanging right out of the room to help create an amusing eye point. The wardrobe sets neatly in a tidy manner, saving the area creating more storage space for the home. At the same time the light distribution in a creative way sneezing into the interior details that pop up the modern beauty of the bed room.



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