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When travel needs, vacations become more essential for each person, the hotel is no longer just a simple place to stay and rest. Along with the needs of many different customer segmentation and the hotel interior design must also be tailored and decisive to the brand identity of the hotel. It is also the leading element that customers are interested in when searching for a hotel.

Interior design Hotels What to pay attention to?

When designing the hotel interior, there are 2 factors that the customer needs to be the most interested in: Hotel lobby design and hotel room design.

Hotel lobby Design

The hotel lobby design needs to create a hit point of attraction because it is the place to make the first impression with the customer. The stylized décor matches local unique features as well as its own style that the hotel is pursuing. If geared towards luxury customers, the hotel lobby design needs to show the elegance and elegance to bring a sense of courtesy.

Hotel Lounge design should also pay attention to feng Shui elements as according to the conception of Oriental people, the main door is the place where Loc, fortunately, must be carefully designed. If the lobby has a conflicting sign, then the Stone Lion, in the lobby, places large objects to avoid the observation and the same as five or eight British quartz tones or a large statue of God.

If the Hotel lounge is too large to design extra bars or cafes, the guests have the next legs to have their accommodation. Lamp decoration in the hotel lobby is also important to use the lights to make enough light during the daytime and attractive at night.

Room Design

Interior Design Hotel cannot ignore room design. The interior portion of the hotel should be noted, depending on the style and type of hotel type that we design the decoration accordingly. And the most important thing of hotel room interior design is to pay attention to the bedroom, not so low-bedroom design (< 2.8 m) will cause the user to have a feeling of suffocating and cramped.

Interior Design Hotel So the color selection is key. In the conception of feng shui, the pale décor in the living room will help to advance. The hotel room design should be calculated so that the maximum use of sun spills and customers can easily observe the surrounding landscapes with the most pleasant and pleasant feeling.

The hotel interior design also needs to pay attention to the bathroom furniture design because it is also the best customer of interest. The hotel's bathroom furniture must be clean, high, comfortable and ensures the use of elegant colours. On the other side, the restroom is not designed opposite the bed. In the room should place a small flower tree to improve the feng shui effect of the room.

Why Choose interior Design hotels in Inter-Promo?

With many years of experience in the interior design field of the hotel, RuBee boasts its strengths and abilities will meet the most rigorous product design needs in the shortest time as well as a combination of 2 translate Professional design and construction, the package to provide subtle and luxurious space to customers.

Over the years, Inter-Promo has not stopped working to create the belief with the client. As soon as we receive project information, we will always give you the most practical advice, quickly giving the idea of designing and drafting the original design to customers with the most apparent visualization of the interior space guests We expect from the reception to the hall, the waiting area, the corridor or the design of the rooms as: single rooms, double rooms, VIP rooms to related categories such as swimming pools, restaurants, bar...

Put yourself on the customer's status, Inter-Promo always has clear orientation and identifies the aesthetic factor that fits each different customer object. Furthermore, we are constantly creative to make up the unique weaknesses, increasing the ability to identify brand identity for hotel interior design and bring up the most impressive ideas.

With the desire to bring families of beautiful and class interior designs, luxury besides constantly improving technology and engineering, we also continually update the new and most stylish interior design to create These designs are highly innovative but retain the full-featured style that the customer wishes.

With our professional design and architect team, we are committed to bringing customers the best quality hotel design with the price that can be paid by the customer.

Coming to RuBee Vietnam, you will be completely assured of picking yourself the unique, impressive interior design with the most exquisite quality furnishing products!


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